If you are still skiing in last century’s jacket and salopettes it could be time for a wardrobe update. Gone are all-in-one suits for adults. Skin tight and super baggy have also been replaced with flattering female and male-specific ski clothing fits.

This season’s on-the-slopes trend is for all things all things bright and beautiful. So ski clothing comes in an array of bright colours, including pinks, turquoise, orange, lime green and even fluorescent colours.

Matching jackets and pants are not necessary, and in fact many skiers and snowboarders choose to go for contrasting colours. So you will see people wearing orange jackets with lime green pants or red jackets combined with striped blue and green pants. The ski clothing fad is more about bright colours than matching garments.

Children's ski garments are generally still matching but they are now loooking even fiunkier in camo-style prints and bright, bright colours.

If you are looking to update your ski clothing on a budget then choose basic black or white pants and add a pricier but brightly coloured jacket. Then accessorise with a funky hat and gloves in fabulous colours.

As well as big, bold colours, this season’s skiing trends feature brash designs, too. Think stripes and diamonds or pockets in contrasting colours.

Fur and metallic features are also big on the pistes across Europe and America. For example, you are likely to see fur-edge hoods on ski jackets and metal-look belts and helmets.

And just because your baselayers will be hidden below your ski jacket and pants it doesn’t mean you should, be wearing black only. Baselayers are also being designed in fabulous colours… and you’ll get to show these off in the après-ski bar!

If you’re wondering if you should be so bold as to go for the brightest skiing clothing you can buy, remember too that you’ll be easier to spot on the slopes. This means that you family will be able to keep track of you as you whizz down that black run!