Walking is a fantastic way for us to keep fit – and the best thing about it is that it’s so simple to do and doesn’t require anything except yourself. Here are the benefits!

Almost everyone can do it.

No matter what age you are or where you come from, the majority of people have the ability to go for a walk. Seeing as though we already know how to walk, we don’t have to learn how to do it or undergo any training before we can begin. Once you start, you may not want to stop. The more often you walk, the further you’ll go and the better equipped your body will become. You’ll be able to walk faster and for longer – and you’ll feel good!

Walking doesn’t have to cost anything.

You may not have clothing and footwear that has been specifically tailored for the outdoors, but you will have equipment that can be used. As long as you have a suitable pair of footwear, as well as a jacket and any needed accessories for those bitterly cold days (a beanie, scarf, gloves) then you’re good to go! You may decide to upgrade your gear in time, but it costs absolutely nothing to get started – it just needs some willpower!


Low chance of injury.

In comparison to the multitude of other activities that can be undertaken to try and improve your fitness levels, walking provides you with a low chance of injury. Of course, you can still get injured but if you follow these tips, the chances of it occurring will be greatly decreased:

  • Don’t walk too far, too soon.
  • Try to keep excess weight to a minimum.
  • Gradually increase your distance.
  • Walk off-road where possible, as opposed to on tarmac.

Walking gets us outside, and provides us with time to think.

After spending all day inside, surrounded by phones and computer screens, being able to take a stroll can take our minds away from all of the technological distractions and reduce stress levels. When we’re walking, there’s not a lot that we need to concentrate on, which provides us with welcome time to think and reflect, things that you might not normally have the time or ability to do.


Walking wakes you up and helps you to sleep better.

If you’re willing to squeeze an early morning walk into your schedule, then you’ll be wide awake when it comes to tackling all of your morning jobs – which might be a very welcome change for some! If you decide to take a walk in the evening instead (or as well), then you’ll feel more relaxed which will hopefully lead to a good night’s sleep. As you’re exercising and burning calories, you’ll also feel hungrier and enjoy your food more! Couple this with a sensible diet and you’ll also be better prepared to lose weight.

Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is important for us as it helps to maintain the healthiness of our bones and teeth as it aids the body in absorbing calcium and phosphorus. It can be found in various foods but the best source of it is sunlight.

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