Summer in Scotland is not very pretty and now more than ever, we wish to head outdoors for vacations, better yet, staycations. Staycations are stay-at-home vacations which are comparatively cheaper that long vacations. Let me share some of my ingredients to create a perfect short and idle staycation.

When you go hiking…

Hiking is a great way for staycating at a place of your choice. But going lightweight is essential or you would end up worrying about your things during your trip. Some essentials to carry along for your lightweight hiking trip are:

A lightweight one-person tent, a sleeping mat (in case of uneven ground), a sleeping bag, a lightweight down jacket, a waterproof jacket, a small camping stove, some basic snacks and disposable one-use utensils, mobile phone with a battery backup source, a small bag of toiletries, a mosquito repellent, and a change of clothes.

Take a detour

It’s not always necessary to follow the route taken by others, take a bit of detour and explore more. My go-to destinations for a staycation are:  

  • The Knoydart Peninsula, just a little over six miles from Kinloch Hourn
  • Corrour, a remote train station, on the West Highland Line from Glasgow.
  • The Sandwood Bay, which to go to the stunning beach is about an eight-mile walk.

Go wild

Camping out in the wild is always an option as Scotland’s Outdoor Access Code has so much to offer, along with freedom and a truly wild Scottish staycation.

Capture memories

Whenever I head out for a trip or decide to take a staycation, I make sure to carry the proper equipment needed to capture the great panoramic views of nature. Carry lightweight equipment if you are planning to carry a professional camera but my mobile does it for me. Just make sure to travel with a good battery back-up.

Snacking is key

Travelling for a day or two and not packed any snacks or food? Make sure to pack some granulated bars and energy bars and also remember to keep yourself hydrated in the outdoors and keep your energy intact.

Something to complement scenic view

While on your staycation, you are not working or worrying about things back home, so you can enjoy the serenity and tranquillity among the moors and lochs or of the foothills with a can of beer or a bottle of wine. I personally prefer to enjoy the panoramic views sitting quietly while sipping on wine.

Let Weather be Your Guide

One obviously checks the weather report around the days of their trip but sometimes, spontaneity can surprise you in ways you cannot imagine. Be a risk-taker and let the weather guide you. Scotland is mostly shiny but the opportunity to experience a little bit of unexpected adventure should always be welcome.

Choose your partner wisely.

It is obvious that you want to stay alone during your staycation, but you need to have a partner to drive you to your destination safe and sound. As for me, I prefer taking my canine companion on my wild camping adventures but only if the terrain is not that rough.

These were my 8 ingredients to creating the perfect staycation. I may have missed something or my ways might be a bit different than yours but these are all tried and tested which is why they made it to the list.