Scots climbers and hill walkers have been warned against wearing inappropriate clothing when taking to the hills in winter, and what better way to follow this advice then by looking at the discount outdoor clothing we have on offer.

The stark message that has been issued by the Mountaineering Council of Scotland warns that climbers and hill walkers are more at risk of freezing to death, if they wear inappropriate clothing, especially if made of cotton. The Mountain Safety advisor has stated that wearing cotton clothing can significantly increase the risk of developing hypothermia. This is due to the fact that when cotton gets wet, whether through rain, snow or perspiration, unfortunately it loses any insulation it was providing and so quickly reduces skin temperature.

Appropriate outdoor clothing is normally made from man-made synthetic fabrics or natural wool, which have the in-built property of wicking moisture away from the skin, and retain warmth even when damp.

As well as wearing the right gear eating adequately and eating the right types of food is also important. The MCoS use the analogy of comparing the human body to a car, in that it needs to have enough fuel, of the right sort, to run efficiently. Carbohydrates of both the slow and quick release varieties are best for fuelling a day on the hill. Keep your snacks easily accessible as it is unlikely you will have the luxury of stopping for lunch as you would in summer conditions, because when you stop you get cold very quickly

If you do stop then ensure you have an extra layer otherwise within minutes your body will start to cool, so why not check out the latest additions on the website and find those bargains of discount outdoor clothing and stay snug as a bug if you are venturing out into the Scottish hills this winter.