Often when we are out camping is when we realise the true worth of a clean, home-cooked meal. It is not always easy to carry or find all the supplies you require for cooking outdoors. It is very common that lack of healthy food in the outdoors leads to unwanted illnesses. However, creativity can give birth to great things in desperate times and I think I might have given just about the right kind of advice if you feel like you won’t be able to cook a proper meal at camp. From the things you would need to how you need to store them; this would be an appropriate guide for you.

Manage Your Resources

We all bring food that will last us a day or maybe a few days. It’s important that you use up the perishable items you have brought along first like bananas, bread, etc. and keep the jar of spaghetti sauce ready for any distressed moment, a good cuppa noodles is never a bad idea too.

Try Maintaining the Temperature Required

Certain food items like milk, eggs, meat, etc. need a little cooler temperature than what our bodies are used to. But in case you are travelling by car, canned or jarred food is good. However, in case you are backpacking, powdered or pre-cooked meals are the way to go. They last a bit longer.

Separate the Food if Necessary

If you are carrying a cooler with you to keep your fluids and your food items cold, then make sure that you put all the items in individual zip-lock bags. Trust me, you don’t want cross-smelling food when you open the cooler.

Cleanliness is the Key

I was saving the obvious for the last. Of course, keeping the camp and its surroundings clean will be a sure shot way of avoiding getting ill on the road. Keeping the utensils you use for eating, the pans used for cooking, etc. clean and washing them with soap water is the first step.Second, is by disposing any garbage your little meal has produced. Third, is to dispose of any leftovers properly, or get ready to deal with some flies circling round your head. Washing your hands properly and designating a separate area for cooking is an essential part of ensuring cleanliness.

Last but not the least is my advice to think on the lines of Simplified Food. Maybe carry some pre-cooked patties that you can heat later, pre-boiled pasta that you could just sauce up, heat and eat. Happy and safe camping!