Running might give you immense satisfaction as you know it but there are other questions to answer like, do you like to run alone or solo? Though both have their unique benefits, many experts suggest doing both alternatively to stay top of your form. It is also believed that doing some of the runs alone and some in groups will make you a more confident and happier runner.

In the present situation of the pandemic, running in a group is not really a thing, and for those who have not given solo running a shot, now is the perfect time for it.  So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make a note of all the benefits and make the best of it.

Running Solo: Things to Know

If you have been running in a group all this time, it will be a refreshing change for you to run solo and enjoy a positive experience. So, if you are a dedicated group runner, let’s see what solo running has in store for you.

  • Running at your own pace

When you are running in a group, there is no way but to maintain a pace, but running solo is quite the opposite. Fast, slow, or moderate, you can take your pick and run accordingly. You are the sole decision-maker when you are running solo, so making the best of the experience entirely depends on you.

  • Creating your routine

Run whenever you want and that is the beauty of running solo. You do not have to worry about the collective interest but, only yourself. Hit the trail in the morning or after sunset, give in to your mood, and run at your own rhythm. At the same time, when you are running solo it becomes easier to pay attention to your body and focus on the form. It is just spending a lot of time with yourself.

Running in A Group: Things to Know

Running groups are popular due to the many benefits they provide. If you have always been a lone soldier then, taking up group running can be a refreshing change for you. By participating, you can improve your performance and have some at the same time.

  • A healthy social activity

Joining a running group is one of the best possible ways to meet like-minded people. It can also be considered as a bonding time over a gruelling run. You will be amazed to learn that how those kilometres will go quickly when you have a company.

  • Stay motivated in a group

Even if when you are not feeling like going for a run in those dark and cold winter months, there will be a group waiting for you. It is a great way to motivate yourself to stay fit when you are unable to do it on your own.

  • Group running for support and safety

Running groups are great for providing support and safety when you are going through a rough patch in your training. Also, it has positive effects on your personal life and helps you face challenges better. Running with others means you can run worry-free and safely.

What do you choose?

Whatever you choose, running solo or in a group has its own benefits that you cannot deny. If you will only focus on one of them, you will miss out on the other and both come with their fair share of excitements and positive effects. It is better to balance them both and run accordingly to reap the benefits.