With the end of summer running and the days becoming shorter by the minute, it only means one thing, winter running is just around the corner. Continuing to run in the colder winter months is a challenge that is hard to keep up with and it takes a lot more than just courage to go out in the cold and dark to run and achieve your fitness goals. The extra darkness will want you to relax within the comfort and layers of your home instead of going out in the dark for a run.

Despite these pitfalls, which could prove dangerous, runners are relentless and they want to continue to do what they love despite all the climatic challenges.

Keeping the Motivation Alive

No matter what you are running for, keeping the motivation alive as the seasons change from summer to winter is the best thing you can do to start with. Possess the same drive and passion that moves you to run for the best during the winter months as well. As you approach the final few months of winter, maintaining motivation becomes more integral for the entire process. Letting it go, means all the hard work of the entire year will spiral downward as you succumb to the relaxation and warmth of your home.

Set Achievable Training Goals

If you do not have any reason behind the run, then it is quite easy to give up the motivation and quit. Setting training goals is what keeps you going and it is important in every season. Set the training plan according to the seasons. This could mean, having a customized training plan, signing up for a race, staying healthy throughout the year, or simply wanting to lose weight. Take some time out and come to a clear reason for your purpose behind running and write down your goals. This way if your motivation starts to waver, you can just look at them and keep going.

Right Gear and Equipment

It requires more than just motivation to continue to run through the wet and dark and cold weather. So, you have to consider the gear when you are outside because running with the wrong gear is simply a recipe for disaster. Invest in proper running equipment and gear that will keep you warm when the temperature drops. The gears will come helpful when it is dark and they will let you see and be seen. This way you can feel safe and comfortable in the dark while running and at the same time enjoy the experience.

Customize According to Weather

Trying to run 6 days a week is pretty difficult giving the weather gets rough with each passing day. Soon, you will realize that there are more bad days than good ones when the winter comes in full swing after the sunsets. So to adjust according to the setting weather, it is wise to lower the frequency of your runs.

Keep them as short as possible with one to two days a week. It is a good way to avoid bad weather and sudden change in the temperature. On the other days, you can invest some time in cross-training workouts that will keep your fitness consistent and give you scope for improvement.

Preparation Is the Key

Combat the cold weather and low motivation with preparation. It is the key to most of your training worries. Take some time to set your alarm, snacks, running gear, and equipment in place so that everything is in place when you need them the most, and do not skip running, no matter the conditions outside.