The weather is quite mild at the moment, but when the UK gets snow and ice, everyone has an opinion as it affects road, rail and pedestrians alike. But is it that bad? Spare a thought for the inhabitants of the Sakha Republic in North-Eastern Russia.

They are facing wolf packs which have moved down from the mountains and forests into the pasture areas used for reindeer farming. Over sixteen thousand reindeer were lost to attacks in 2012 and so a national state of emergency has been called. Groups of hunters are being called in to reduce the wolf population from its current level of around 3,500 to an optimum level of around 500, with the hunting season extended to last 12 months.

Over in France the wolf was nearly hunted to extinction in the 1930s, but has made a comeback in an area close to the Italian border. The population has grown to nearly 200, but this year they have become more of a threat to local sheep herds. So much so that a government appointed hunter has been given permission to hunt this year. In the past eight years only four wolves have been killed in the whole of France.

So when you are out and get caught up with snow delaying your journey, remember it’s not that bad after all, as long as you have the right equipment, so check out the latest snow boots.