If you’re planning on going hiking or camping with a canine companion, you should follow these steps!

Plan Ahead.

Before you set off for your hike, check what the rules are of that particular trail. Some areas do not allow dogs to be walked at all, whilst others will have strong rules on dogs being walked on leads. These rules have been implemented for a reason and must be adhered to.

Dispose of waste.

As you always should, make sure that you properly dispose of your dog’s waste. If you’re on a multiple day hiking or camping trip, use the same technique that should be used for human waste, bury it in a hole around eight inches deep, well away from any lakes, rivers, trails or camps. This should be kept well away from these areas as it could potentially contaminate water sources and the smell could affect the habitat of a wild animal.

Leave how you find.

If your dog is not on a lead and is allowed to run loose, make sure to keep a close eye on what your dog is up to. Certain things such as sticks or rocks might have been positioned purposefully by local wildlife, but most importantly, don’t let your dog dig holes, as that could certainly affect habitats.


Respect wildlife.

Your dog may be tempted to chase any wildlife that it spots, so you need to ensure that that doesn’t happen as it could potentially injure any wild animals. Try to avoid attracting any wildlife to your camp too, by storing your dog’s food with your own, as opposed to out in the open.


When you’re walking a trail, you’re highly unlikely to be the only person there. Be as considerate as you possibly can to the people around you, including keeping your dog near you. This is as some people are afraid of dogs and may not be too fond of a dog approaching them.

Following these steps will allow for both you and your dog to have a successful trip, whilst maintaining what makes the area special.

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