If you love exploring the outdoors, then you probably own a number of waterproof items – especially if you live in the United Kingdom! Even the most expensive clothing will get damaged eventually, so investing in a reproofing product could really help to counter this – and increase the garment’s lifespan by a few years!

Gore-Tex is one of the highest rated materials in terms of its water resistance, thanks to it being a synthetic material; which is used to waterproof items of clothing. Gore-Tex products also have a durable water repellent finish, to really ensure that the garment keeps you dry.

There is not a definite time to reproof your product, but if it does start to let some water soak through, it’s a good time to start to consider it!

  • For some items, it is recommended that they should be hand washed, so make sure that before you do anything – you read the label!
  • Wash your Gore-Tex garments at a temperature between 30 and 40 degrees. If the temperature is too high, it can cause these products to become less water resistant.
  • The waterproofing can also be weakened if the items of clothing are washed using a powder instead of a liquid detergent.
  • You can reproof items by using sprays and liquids, which you can add to your washing machine. Which one you use is dependent on the size of the area that needs to be re-proofed. Sprays are perfect for small areas, whereas a liquid will evenly cover the whole of the garment.
  • It’s very unlikely that you will have to do this very often, but the treatment will eventually wear off - and at that point - it will need to be re-applied.

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