All of you want to be a healthy, happy, and an injury-free runner. For achieving that, you also require the right mind-body coordination along with the balance of flexibility and strength. So, there is nothing better than attaining such a state of mind and body other than yoga.

Many think that yoga is actually for the people who are flexible enough and that is why they keep away from it. In reality, yoga helps you keep the balance and does not matter whether you are flexible or not. Now, let’s take a quick look at the poses that will certainly help you in keeping a healthy mind and body while you are following your passion for running.

Mountain Pose or Tadasana

Runners are known for their bad postures like forward-rolling head and shoulders. This is where Tadasana comes to play as it is known to rectify the alignment of your body while you are off and on the mat. At the same time, better posture ensures that you have an efficient breathing technique when on the run.

The Twisted Dragon Pose

Try and hold your back foot and if you can do that, twisted dragon pose is just the right one for you. It is more of an advanced pose, which stretches the quads along with releasing the hip flexors and also opens the chest, all at one time. Trying this pose will help you check a lot of boxes at the same time and you might be more flexible and balanced next time you hit the trail.

Reclining Bound Angle or Supta Baddha Konasana

Considered the perfect passive psoas release, this pose is ideal to reset on mind and body by tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system if you hold the pose long enough. You can expect this pose to regulate digestion if hold on to it for a long time.  

Plank Pose

Stronger core has a role to play in better support for posture when you are running. Runners must swear by a plank for it is unbeatable in building balanced strength.  A few reps of this pose will help you in the long run.

Bent-Legged Warrior III

Try this pose after the run for core stability and balance. At the same time, it also protects the knee. The vibration that you get while doing this pose, strengthens the proprioceptor muscles present around the ankle. Once you have mastered the beginner version of this pose, you can certainly try out the advanced pose where you have to straighten and bend the knee many times while balancing.

Legs up the Wall or Waterfall Pose

Looking to recover from the runner posture after a run? This is probably the single best pose you can rely on. Removes swelling from the legs and helps release the stress from muscles by speeding up the recovery. Apart from just correcting and relieving you from swelling, it gently stretches and isolates the hamstring. Due to this reason, this posture is highly recommended for everyone whether or not you are a runner.

Yoga Is the Answer

No matter what walks of life you are from, yoga will help you in attaining your calm and healthy self so that you can face any challenges in life. Running or including yoga in your daily routine also keeps away several illnesses making you happy from within.