I have run thousands of miles, spent countless hours in the gym, and played most sports known to man. My wearing joints, scars on my body and tired mind are a testament to the endless toil in my quest for ultimate fitness. The time I have spent pushing my body to the limit demonstrate my lust for fitness, and the way it has responded has redefined the course of my life.

Gym Junkie

When I joined a gym for the very first time, my erstwhile trainer told me that I needed to rest my body after a grueling session. He explained in great detail about the process of strength training and how resting helps in growing stronger muscles. When I was a newbie in the world of fitness, I loved resting my aching body. I appreciated the hours I spent watching TV while lying on my favorite couch, eating popcorn instead of potato chips for health reason. But as I grew stronger, I started competing with fellow bodybuilders who had Adonis-like bodies. I forgot my guru mantra and followed in their footsteps, forgetting that some of them were on steroids and inhuman diets. The result was their increase in strength with little to no variation in my body.

Sports Fanatic

Apart from the gym, I was a regular at the local club. I used to play squash, tennis, basketball, and even soccer. My body was lean and supple which facilitated my coordination, and my reflexes became sharper with a growing involvement in various sports. My fitness level reached new heights and I became quite a famous player at the club.

No Social Life

My schedule was fully choked with various activities from morning to evening. As I also had a 9 to 5 job to tend to, and absolutely no time for any social activities. My parents started worrying about my total devotion to fitness. They were unable to fathom how I would be able to fit in a girlfriend with my totally crammed schedule.

Injury and Rest

As I moved into my 30s, I noticed my stamina dipping and my joints hurting. I was forced to slow down in my pursuit for fitness. I got a minor calf-injury which necessitated me to take a break from all my fitness related activities. During my hiatus from gymming, I did some basic exercises at home and ate wholeheartedly without any care in the world. I found more time for social activities and started meeting new people. It was at this time that I met the lovely woman who became my wife. The time I spent relaxing was blissful and reinvigorating, but subconsciously I was worried about my fitness levels dropping.

The Transformation

After taking a month-long break from the gym, when I returned to pumping iron again, I was complimented on the increase in the size of my biceps by my buddies. I thought they were pulling my leg but when I peeked into the mirror, I was truly amazed. I actually did grow at least an inch during my forced-break. It was at this time that I had the epiphany which changed my life completely. The words of my coach echoed in my ears, and I knew I would never be the same fitness junky that I was in the past.

I realised the importance of rest. I still engage in fitness-related activities, but I am not addicted to them. I go to the gym on alternate days of the week. My everyday body-bashing at the sports club has turned into a weekend affair. Instead of competing and usurping my friends at sports, I take pleasure in losing to my wife.