Every year, and sometimes more than once we all try and do some spring cleaning, the cleaning out of cupboards and closets and amongst this we have our outdoor clothing and equipment. Today we cannot just throw them away so they end up in landfill, today we know that we can do something more with them, but what are the options? Well think of it as either ‘recycle or donate’.

We know that you use your kit and gear but when that new shiny piece of equipment becomes available or that smart new top is staring at you, then you are likely to replace your old items with new. However, we are all a lot more aware these days of the environment and the effect we have on it, so what can we do with that now redundant piece of kit. Well even though it is no longer any use to you, there are many organisations, local, national and international that can make use of it, whether it is youth organisations, charity groups or you have the more capitalistic approach and sell it on eBay. Alternatively, you can do your bit for the environment and have it recycled.

A quick search through the local papers or on-line is usually enough to find those in need. Manufacturers are also beginning to organise their own recycling schemes. For example Nike has the Reuse-A-Shoe scheme which uses athletic shoes and converts then into surfaces for tennis courts and running tracks.

There are many others, so when you bought that new coat or pair of boots don’t think that your old outdoor clothing and equipment is destined to occupy space at home at the bottom of the cupboard or the back of the wardrobe, let’s do something much more constructive with it.