Summer is almost upon us and we can't deny that an itch to go on a trip has already invaded our minds. This summer, let yourself be a part of a beautiful French tale, a place called Chamonix. Wondering what's so stunning about this hidden gem? Apart from being a paradise, Chamonix can be everything you wish for on a summer trip.

What’s in Chamonix?

Chamonix is a small French town that holds a big heart for its visitors and residents. Enter Chamonix, a town guarded by tall mountains and located in a valley with the most picturesque view. This also means Chamonix is an invitation to your adventurous side. It's a chance to lose yourself in faraway glaciers and snowy peaks.

5 Reasons to Visit Chamonix

Sure, there are many exquisite places the Earth hides in its bosom. So, what makes this place so special and different from other places? Here are some reasons why Chamonix is worth visiting:

Easy Access

For lazy bums who would not want to trek to view the mountains, Chamonix is the perfect way to enjoy the scenic beauty. It has gondolas and lifts that take you on a mesmerizing trip. You can take in the view from above and see how the valley sets a remarkable impression with its simplicity and beauty.

Mer de Glace

Mer De Grace is a 7-km long glacier. It is also one of the largest glaciers in France with a depth of 200 m. If you are travelling to Chamonix, Mer De Grace is one of those significant places that you just can't miss. You can board a train from Montenvers which will take you up to the mountain through the spectacular alpine forests. Once you arrive, take a cable car to the glacier where you will find a series of ice caves worth exploring.

Excellent Staycation

Accommodation in Chamonix in the summer is far easier than in the winter when the demand is way higher. Because skiing is such an important part of Chamonix, tourists make a beeline for it in the winter. On the other hand, Chamonix is fairly cheaper and less populated in the summer. You may even find some amazing deals on hotels and Airbnbs.

Great Food Options

French food in a French town is the dream of most travellers. However, French food is not the only cuisine Chamonix has to offer. From Italian cuisine to American, Chamonix has everything to suit diverse taste buds. One of my favourites is Brasserie de L’M, a quiet bistro with a lovely ambience.

Mountain Biking

Of course, a valley surrounded by mountains is the best way to explore your mountain biking skills. You can find various options here. The steep descending mountains give an amazing adrenaline rush to adventurers.

Chamonix is a beautiful place surrounded by beauty and glory. Even for those who don't want to do anything except sit at a place with a cup of coffee and watch the view, Chamonix makes an excellent choice. So, gather your stuff and prepare yourself for a divine French experience.