With winter approaching at an almost alarming rate, it’s definitely time to start considering what you need to add to your winter wardrobe, not forgetting any footwear that you will need! Winter Boots can be an extremely effective way of helping to protect your feet during the cold and wet winter months, with many offering a warm fleece lining as well as being waterproof.

For men, we have a range of twelve different pairs of winter boots from four different brands: Karrimor, Regatta, Teva and Trespass. One of our most popular pairs of men’s winter boots are the ‘Trespass Straiton Snow Boots’ which provide a number of benefits. A water resistant textile upper combined with a fully waterproof rubber shell outsole certainly helps greatly to protect your feet from the rain. The inside of the boots are insulated which, when aided with a warm fleece lining like this pair are, provide the user with a comfortable experience along with the added benefit of warm feet – even when the temperature drops.

Our newest addition to the range are the ‘Karrimor Snowfur II Winter Boots’ which similar to the Trespass Straiton boots, have an internal fleece lining as well as padding to ensure that your walk is as comfortable as possible. These boots are available now at less than half the RRP price - £34.00 discounted from £70.83!


Our range of winter boots for ladies boasts nearly seventy unique styles from fifteen different brands, with Columbia, Helly Hansen, Sorel, Teva and Trespass featuring prominently.

One of our latest inclusions are the ‘Karrimor Alaska Winter Boots’ which are waterproof, possess a grippy sole that is built for snowy, icy conditions, as well as including thinsulate system lining and fleece, which ensures that your feet stay warm and dry even when the temperature drops below zero.

To further aid your winter boots, we offer a couple of accessories which are designed to improve your grip – which will be very handy once the snow arrives. Both the ‘Trespass Ice Grippers’ and ‘Outdoor Look Ice Grabber’ can be attached to your boot to provide extra traction thanks to the additional spikes.


You can find our full range of winter boots for men and women, as well as all of our winter essentials, on our website now at great prices. Orders over the cost of £50 receive free shipping. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or Twitter!