If you're planning a hiking trip, here's what you need to think about in advance!

The first thing to decide upon when you’re planning a hiking trip is where you (and your family/friends) want to go. There are a countless number of trails for you to discover across the country, but you need to decide if you want to visit a local trail or experiment with one further afield. This can depend on a number of things, the amount of time that you have and the availability of anyone that is coming with you.

Whilst you’re deciding on a location, you need to take into account the distance and time that it will take to complete the hike. Take these factors into account as well as the potential terrain, and use these to judge whether or not that trail is suitable for the skill level of yourself and your peers.


After deciding on a location, it’s always best to do a little more research which will allow you to plan ahead. You can use a map or print out a copy of the route and mark it with important information. Using this, you can plan the distance between two points which will help you to calculate the time until a location where you plan to eat or take shelter, for example.

It’s also worth ensuring that you have the correct gear in advance – you can check out the Walking category on our website for everything you’ll need!

On the day of your hike, many people will travel to the start of their chosen trail by car, but in many cases – they are easily accessible via a bus. If you do choose to travel to and from by this form of transportation, make sure that you have a note of the different stops and their times – so that you can hike a shorter or longer distance and know how long you’ll have to wait for.

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