With the summer in full swing, we can all get outside and enjoy the warm weather utilising our outdoor footwear. A chance to enjoy what the great outdoors around us has to offer. However, we always have to consider what the weather is changing, especially when you see the weather conditions in the last week or so right across the country, but whatever the conditions your boot, shoe or sandal is still the single most important piece of kit you will purchase, so it’s important you get the right type.

Walking without the right equipment can change an enjoyable weekend walk and hike into a stressful and downright horrible experience. People have become more knowledgeable and it is unlikely to see anyone take on Snowden in a pair of smart brogues (although I’m sure someone can tell me different), people do still try and take on the British countryside in there everyday pair of trainers, which is like trying to complete a Formula 1 race in the rain with slick tyres.

However, with the range of walking boots, shoes and sandals we have at Outdoor Look that are sourced from the leading brands and manufacturers, and all at great prices we always have something to fit anyone’s requirements and pocket. And here are a couple of tips to make sure you get the best enjoyment from them.

Wear your walking socks – This might seem obvious, but when you are making sure you have the right size, wear your favourite walking socks.

Try the boots on in the afternoon – Your feet naturally swell during the day, so try on any new boot in the afternoon, or after you have been walking about for a couple of hours to ensure a good fit.

Great fit – Boots come in a variety of styles and widths. Make sure that the boot fits snugly. You do not want your feet moving too much inside the boot as this can cause blisters and can lead to muscle and alignment injuries in the long term.

Thumb’s width – The boots should have a thumb’s width gap between the end of your toes and the front of the inside of the boot. This will prevent toes hitting the front of the boots when you are walking downhill.

So there you go, a few tips to help you obtain the right outdoor footwear so that you can get outside and enjoy the great weather in comfort and safety. Check out the website for the latest offers.