With the likes of Black’s and Millets facing closures over the last few months outdoor clothing retailers have faced particularly tough times of late, and the latest figures don’t show any signs of improving for everyone on the High Streets of the UK.

The retail sales figures released yesterday saw sales drop at their fastest rate in more than twelve months. They did not show any sign of any upturn in the economy after the atrocious weather in March put shoppers off venturing out and the poor Easter failed to rescue retailers’ fortunes. Almost a third of companies had reported a fall in volumes according to the CBI and was the worst results released since January 2012.

However, online shopping has increased with people in general spending double the amount through websites than they did a decade ago. Over a third of shoppers surveyed now do the majority of their shopping online according to the latest research. Traditionally we have all had to go out and make our way round several shops to make sure they got the best deal they could, which is simply time consuming and tiring. Now with the internet it is just a few clicks here and a few clicks there and you have a list of prices and reviews before you make your purchase.

A report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research has revealed that online prices are still lower than the High Street, with UK based internet firms offering the best value overall. Well, you can’t argue with that can you?

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