If you feel fascinated while watching videos of skiers and wonder whether you will ever be able to master this amazing skill, you are in the same boat as many wannabes. Stop procrastinating and get your bum out of the couch and take your first lesson today. Skiing may seem difficult at first, but once you are motivated enough, it is not so hard to learn. It definitely has a learning curve, however, it transforms into an enriching experience if you have a burning desire to learn this sport.

I began skiing quite late in my life, but since I have learned the sport, I have turned into a ski junkie. There is no other sport that ignites as much passion in me, and there is no other place that I would want to be when the winter strikes. I have spent many hours alongside professionals to learn this mesmerising activity. As I said before, start today and do not delay; as each second spent on making your decision will be a moment wasted.

Find a Professional Trainer

You can learn from your friends and cousins, but there is no better way to get a grip on the sport than learning from a professional. With a trainer, you get the assurance that you are learning the right techniques which adds to the confidence when you ski. There is a reduced chance of getting injured and you master the sport in a shorter time.

Find the Right Gear

I advise that you take your trainer along when you are shopping for your ski gear. If he/she is not available, take an experienced skier with you. The knowledge that they will bring to the table while selecting the gear will help you a lot in choosing the appropriate skiing gear.

Get Comfortable on Skis

Start skiing on flatlands to learn how to balance your body. Make use of bunny hills to get a good grip of the right posture.

Learn the Right Posture

This is probably the hardest thing to learn. While skiing, new skiers get the urge to lean backwards and throw out their arms in an attempt to slow down. This should be avoided. A skier should bend his ankles, waist, and knees so that he can feel his shins on the front of the boots. With time, a skier should learn how to lean forward in order to feel his weight on the balls of the feet. Learning the right posture will make sure that you prevent yourselves from injuries. As you will get confident with the posture you will be able to control your turns on the slope better.

Skiing Downhill

Nothing is more exhilarating than moving at a rapid speed down a slope. You can slide back while skiing downhill, so you should learn how to spread your ski tips to form a "V” like shape. For slowing down, you can spread your heels and bring the tips of your skis together. In order to make turns, you should bend your knees, move the leg opposite of the direction you want to go and then straighten up your body to stand tall.


Staying safe on a skiing trip is utmost important. One wrong step may not only harm you, but also jeopardies life of others. Always keep your head and eyes in the direction you're headed and look for possible obstacles in order to avoid them. When you are new to skiing, make sure that you ski on beginner hills to avoid clattering into other skiers.