As a child, I was all bones and skin. My peers looked upon me as someone who they could take liberties with, without any fear of repercussions. I thought my life would follow the graph as not much changed after I hit adulthood. I was still the same scrawny old dude with the same slim body type. The only change I felt was in the way I was embarrassed, the jabs I took at school were replaced by the hurtful jibes from my colleagues at the office.

After some persuasion and pressing from my friends, I resolved to take matters into my own hands. And just like most people do, I joined a gym and hoped for the best results. Unfortunately, three months into my fierce gymming journey, I saw no change in my body shape. It came as a major jolt to my confidence and I decided to quit the gym. When I told the trainer that I wished to leave the gym, he convinced me not to make such a hasty decision. I continued my subscription and changed my workout regimen according to his advice. He constructed an exercise plan specifically for me, and had me follow it for the whole of next month. With a change in approach, I saw a transformation that I did not see before. My biceps were bigger and harder, my torso looked chiseled and my thighs were in much better shape than before. I continued with my regimen and the rest is history. I am now probably one of the strongest men at the gym, and I feel obliged to share a few personal tips with people who are in the same boat as I was.

I am not much of an expert in nutrition, so I would not bother you with any information on that, however, I would like to share experiences on the exercise part.

Strictly Follow a Program

Following a program is extremely important as far as results are concerned. Randomly performed exercises without proper form and repetition are completely useless.

Set your goals and focus on them single mindedly. Take help from a trusted gym instructor who has a vast experience of working with people with different body types. An experienced instructor will be able to craft a plan customized to your goals, limitations, and schedule. Once you have put your faith in the instructor, you can solely follow his orders and ignore everything else. Taking advice from different people and performing random exercises is not only fruitless but also dangerous.

By following the instructions of a knowledgeable gym instructor, you will be able to exercise specific muscle groups in a cohesive manner which will surely yield the best results.

Increase Intensity and Reps

Once you get accustomed to a particular regimen, your body stops growing. For improved results, you need to add variations to the exercise routine and increase its intensity. Push yourself to the limits. Take motivation from the struggles in life and enhance your workout at every step for a better physique.

For example, you could try putting less rest time into your exercises from time to time, or increasing the weights that you are lifting. Why not try increasing the speed with which you're moving?

In any case, this will help you to mix up your regimen and keep surprising your body, which is very important if you wish for gains.