The man known as "the naked rambler" is standing trial this week. The naked rambler walks or rather attempts to walk around Britain while wearing just his walking boots, socks, a hat and a rucksack. He was arrested having popped into a shop in his usual attire after being spotted walking through Oxfordshire in December last year. 

Now obviously here at Outdoor Look we can’t comment on why the “naked rambler” insists on dressing or rather not dressing to walk around Britain like this. Whatever the rights or wrongs of the situation, he must at the very least be positively freezing at this time of year. It has been put to us, however, that his lack of attire could possibly be down to the fact that he hasn’t realised how economically you can equip  yourself with trousers and shirts here at Outdoor look. At the very least perhaps he should be looking into purchasing some base layers. Whilst thinking, though obviously not too deeply, about this subject (everyone now try desperately to avoid mental images) a thought struck us. Just how cheaply could you equip yourself for a day’s walking? Well looking at some of the phenomenal winter deals that we are currently running, we believe, that you could probably provide yourself with a full outfit from us for less than £100 including boots or walking shoes. Less than £100 for a complete outfit from Outdoor Look!  I can’t help feeling someone should point that out to the naked rambler. We are going to take a look at how little you could spend on a full walking outfit from us now and will let you know the results in the blog tomorrow.