Cycling is an energy-consuming sport and my personal favourite to vent out extra energy and feel physically and mentally stronger. If it were not for my soaring legs after a few miles, I could ride forever.

I began pedalling about 4 years ago during college. Little did I know it will become an important part of my everyday chorus. The hobby has given me new dreams of riding up and down a steep mountain, taking my cycle everywhere I go just so I could enjoy cycling on a variety of terrains, and be physically fit.

There are also a lot of things that cycling has taught me. One of the most essential lessons that I learnt was to always carry energy snacks, especially when going on a long ride.

I see a lot of beginners making the same mistake as I did when I first started – not keeping a track of my energy intake.

Why Energy Snacks Are Important?

When you cycle, your whole body is at work. This means you are using a lot of energy while pedalling with your legs, steering with your arms, balancing with your neck and back. You also use your mental energy to be alert while riding. Therefore, keeping snacks, which will fuel your verve, is pivotal for all riders. Nutrition before training, during training and after training are key factors that you must consider to perform your best. Correct nutrition at all stages will bring a lot of improvement to your performance.

7 Great Energy Snack to Pick

There are companies in the UK which offer a pre-curated monthly box of nutritious energy snacks for cyclists.

This all-included energy box contains everything from energy refills to hydrating liquids. There are easy-chew and bars to nibble on while on the go.

Apart from that, there are several nutritious options to pick from:

DIY Energy Snacks

Fruits, especially goji berries – The best way of carrying fruits while on a ride is by drying them up. They prove to be tasty, light, and energy-fuel at the same time. This will also prevent the fruits from spoiling or bruising.

One of the most popular fruit among cyclists is the goji berry. They are easy to dry and carry. Goji berries are rich in Vitamin C, iron, selenium and certain polysaccharides.

The second most famous fruit is banana. Full of potassium, this energy fruit is your go-to pick to keep full for long. They also help improve your metabolism and slows down the release of your energy. Two bananas alone empower you for 90 minutes of strenuous exercise.

Personalised boost balls – You can play with the ingredients of these boost balls. From cashews to chia seeds, you can pick the ingredients which work best for your energy. They will satiate your hunger pangs and taste buds, while filling your diet with nutritious fibres and proteins.