For many, hiking is an activity which can be enjoyed, but if you’re looking to improve your time taken to walk a certain distance or route, hopefully the following steps will help!

Rid your pack of any unnecessary weight.

Whenever you’re walking, you need to limit the amount of excess weight that you’re carrying, which means making smart decisions over what to bring and what not to bring. But when you’re looking to increase your speed, it’s even more important!

You need to limit the number of unnecessary items brought, without sacrificing performance – which can be difficult. Think about what items you could really do without, why bring a pair of trousers as well as a pair of shorts when you could just bring a pair of convertible trousers instead! When you use techniques like this one on a few different items, you’ll save more space and weight than you may think.

Don’t stop to eat.

Sometimes stopping to relax and eat whilst you’re enjoying a hike is one of the best parts. If you are however looking to complete the route fast, then you may not have time but you still have to eat! Eating whilst walking is certainly not the most difficult thing possible, but there are a few tips that can be used to make it as easy as possible.

  • Find an area of land which is flat.
  • Make sure that you slow down to eat.
  • Store your food in your pockets or easily accessible spaces in your backpack, so that you don’t have to stop to rummage through your bag.


Rest your muscles whilst you’re on the go.

When you’re continuously walking, your muscles will get tired and will need to be rested. To help with this, practice using the ‘Rest Step’, which is a way to keep you moving whilst also easing the pressure on your muscles.

This involves locking out your rear leg and holding the weight on that leg whilst your other leg steps forwards or upwards. Hold that position and repeat. This allows your muscles to have a little extra time to recover without hindering your pace.

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