We all start off with great plans for the New Year, to join the Gym and get fit but did you know that according to the latest figures almost a quarter of Britain’s population walks recreationally at least once a month, and for at least two miles. That is actually twice the number who go the gym and three times the number who cycle, so join up with the real national activity and enjoy some great views and vistas at the same time.

With walking you don’t have any expensive memberships to pay, and you aren’t stuck with the same views of a blank wall and sweaty bodies as you exercise. After you have your essential pieces of kit, walking boots, waterproof /breathable jacket, trousers/shorts and a small (20-25 litre) backpack, the countryside is your oyster, but remember to start small and build up to tackling the Pennine Way. You will find that no matter where you live in the country there is plenty to see and more green spaces than you realise. The great thing is you can go at your own pace, on your own or with a group.

Make sure you do your research. There are guidebooks available for all the major areas of the country and websites galore with route details to try. They are often graded to give an idea of difficulty so that you can choose something appropriate to your grade of fitness. Always remember to take a map with you, and a compass, even on a short walk. Do not rely purely on your satnav, signal strength can be an issue away from population centres, though it is improving, and there is always battery life to consider. The 1:25,000 scale OS maps are best for details, but do remember to get a waterproof cover.

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