After finally reaching mainland Scotland late on Monday evening after even more kayaking across from the Isle of Man, this amazing team swapped paddles for peddles. They face a couple of days of cycling through the Isle of Whithorm and the Galloway forest with little or no time for sightseeing.

The weather in Scotland has been a bit kinder to them providing perfect weather for cycling in the appropriate cycling clothing and the improved weather has also meant that more people are out on the roads supporting their efforts. Even at the lunch stop people were out asking questions and giving them support.

Today they head for Glasgow, the host city for the Commonwealth Games, facing another cycle ride in excess of 100km. While they look forward to reaching the city, the weather has unfortunately taken a turn for the worst so the sites of the city getting ready to welcome the competitors and supporters for The Games may not be looking at their best, but will be a welcome sight as it means that the team are well into the second half of this epic journey, travelling from Land’s End to John O’Groats in a straight line.

They started out on the 17th May and aimed to complete this in around two to three weeks to set a new record for the entire trip, but they have already set several records along the way. And I’m sure they haven’t finished yet, as they raise money for a very deserving cause, BLESMA, which is the limbless veterans charity.

So why not get out and give them some support in you are in the area and we will see what they face next. Come on team you can do it.