Now that you’ve already purchased a tent, so how do you ensure that it continues to perform well. Although tent maintenance is assumed to be a very easy task but still it needs to be carefully thought. Different tents have different types of maintenance, but there are a few tent maintenance rules that anyone can follow to maximise their tent life. Some of the information which will be mentioned may be tips that you have already heard but I am hopeful that they will be of some relevance to you.


Do Not Store Your Tent Compressed: You need to be storing your tent in a loose bag, as it is better to allow the tent to breathe. It will always work better in the long term. The same rule applies to other camping equipment. Avoid nicely folding the material too, since the creases will hamper the waterproof coatings.

Avoid Storing Your Tent Wet: This is one of the tent maintenance rules which should be abided. Never ever roll your wet tent. This will completely degrade the materials. Damp material will grow mould and will release a kind of putrid smell. Ensure that your storage environment is dry and dark.

On the Trail

Wrapping up Your Camping: When it is time to head back towards your home, then you should be cautious of some of the things. Hang your fly out on any tree branch or on some elevated thing. This will help to air out any condensation. Shake your tent to remove any debris. Lastly roll down your tent.

Make Note of the Ground You Are On: As the guidelines say, camping should be on an established site. If in case, the venue is not established, then avoid vegetation, uneven ground and rocks. You may also be required to remove the debris if you choose to set up your camp on an uneven surface.

Keep Note of Things Which Must Be Kept Inside and Outside: Maintain a proper decorum while you choose to keep the things in and out of the tent. Keep mucky boots outside the tent, as nobody likes to sleep in a trail of mud. Food and fragrant laden items must also be avoided since it can draw the attention of hungry animals easily.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Use a non-detergent soap and some cold water with sponge to wash the areas of the tent which are visibly dirty. Avoid using household cleaners for this purpose. Your goal is to kill the mould and avoid further growth. Do not be overzealous while scrubbing the tent.

Your waterproofing may be failing, and you can apply waterproofing to the worn out area. Or if that fails to work, then you may replace that area.