Summer may now be officially over but what better time for planning a trip for next year and what could be better than getting involved with one of the new Magna Carta Trails that have announced this week. These have been put together as part of the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta which as every schoolboy was taught, in my day at least, was sealed at Runnymeade, in Surrey on the 15th June 1215, just in time for lunch.

The document formed a peace treaty between King John and the barons who were in revolt at the time. The document itself is now seen as one of the cornerstones of the constitutional law we now have in England.

Each of the six trails that have been organised covers a different aspect of the Magna Carta and are spread over two to four days of travelling between sites, but there is the opportunity to involve plenty of walking so let’s get the right clothing organised. The six trails are as follows:

  1. London to Windsor.
  2. Salisbury and Wiltshire.
  3. The Cathedral Cities of the North.
  4. Kent and East Sussex.
  5. East of England.
  6. The Heart of England.

It is hoped that the trails would immerse people in not just the history of this singular event but the history of the country. For example the first Trail (London to Windsor) starts off in the centre of the capital and an opportunity to see the church where the barons confronted the King demanding a new charter. You will see two  copies of the famous document itself in the Magna Carta Room at the British Library before travelling to the ‘meeting meadow’ at Runnymeade where the King agreed on the terms of the document before finishing your journey in Windsor, which was King John’s home.

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