Most people feel self conscious when they first go to the gym whether it be the confusion of new equipment or the fitness fanatics surrounding you. You may start having self-doubts about your own fitness goals. I am saying this because I have been through it, I used to feel anxious watching all those well-toned people with abs of envy. Don't worry, the feeling will not last, you'll soon see your progress and realise that all those people who you are watching at the gym have probably been training for well over 6 months and have their routine well incorporated into their day to day life.

You will find yourself questioning the gym wear style and whether you look good enough. This is all down to social media, Instagram videos and Facebook posts give an artificial outlook of physical fitness. There are many fitness models and celebrities who post pictures of their gym visits who have followers in thousands. This makes everyone follow their ways and people want to replicate the same image/ fashion on their own social media platforms.

It is not just the social media, but also the market that has been booming in this area for a few years. Well known brands have started to invest in gym wear fashion too. Oversized t-shirts and baggy sweats are no longer been in the trend, people are now fashion forward in the latest Lycra leggings and flattering fitted tops.

There is a relation between what you wear and how you feel at the gym. It surely motivates you to work harder and raises the level of confidence if you feel good. Wearing fitted styles will give you the reality check you need of how much you need to shed and will not be forgiving if you have let your routine slack. Wearing these clothes allows you a new sense of purpose and helps you to maintain your fitness goals.

People go to the gym for many reasons, whether it be to shred extra pounds, build muscles or to fill gaps within their social life. The gym which I used to attend had all types of people, but they never used to judge others. With this in mind my recommendation is to wear what makes you feel comfortable as the gym is there primarily to improve your fitness, everything else comes second.