Fitness fashion comes, goes, changes and returns. Just think about the Fame-style leggings that we wore in the 1970s. Whoever would have imagined that they would return to haunt us in the 21st century, but they did! And Speedo cycling trunks. For decades a fashion misdemeanour, Speedo trunks are now back in favour. It could be something to do with our focus on the Olympics divers, or a desire to look sleeker and fitter.

So what else is predicted to be big in fitness? According to the fitness fashionistas, neon, urban chic and achingly cool sports bras are going to be big as we go into autumn.

Neon makes sense doesn’t it? When the evenings become darker, it’s a good idea to wear fashion kit that you can be seen in, especially if you’re out running and cycling on city, town and country roads.

But neon has never really been a trend leader. It’s simply been a practical choice. Now though we’re going to see many more fitness clothing items in neon colours. For example, you might expect day-glo shoes, headbands, gloves and jackets. Baelayers will also be sold in hot pinks and oranges. And the latest Nike+ GPS sportswatch also now comes in day-glo colours.

Studio-to-street styles are putting urban chic on the tongues of the fashion leaders. We’re talking relaxed styles and colours, such as greys and burnt oranges, as well as oh-so-soft fabrics. Also look out for Adidas by Stella McCartney, whose current line features metallic hooded running jackets and leopard-print leggings.

Cycle clothing is also bang-on-trend with new ranges of urban chic clothing, including jeans without seams in the wrong place and made from stretchy fabrics so they are comfy while cycling and jackets that can double as waterproofs on the bike and smart-for-the-office. This is a lot less about Lycra and a lot more about being practical but still looking great.

Then, of course, there is predicted to be a Tour de France style cycling clothing trend. Fuelled by our road racing champions, there is likely to be a demand for lycra shorts and snazzy cycling specific jerseys. One insider reckons we could see retro-style cycling kit being big in 2013, as well as GB-style and Union Jack designs.  And “proper” cycling clothing for children is set to be big, too.

And apparently, we should be expecting patterned leggings to hit the gyms. Leggings of all lengths and in colour and designs ranging from tie-dye to watercolours to snakeskin will be in. Will you dare to wear these patterned leggings?

If not, you could join the trend for super cool sports bras. Forget boring whites and blacks and unattractive scaffolding like designs. The next sports bras will be pretty, chic, stylish and colourful (there will even be a few neon coloured sports bras on sale!). These are the kind of bras that you might actually wear as a sport tops, they’ll be that gorgeous!

Do you predict any other sports and fitness fashion trends?