When you’re enjoying a hike, your legs do a lot of work but your feet take the most punishment. Here are some top tips to help you look after them!

Stretch your muscles

Thoroughly stretching your muscles is very important as if they are not stretched enough, your muscles can become tight – especially on lengthy trails. If muscles in your leg are tight – such as your calves or Achilles, your leg will be stiffer meaning that your feet will hit the ground with more force with each step.

Keep them warm

When you’re out and about in the rain, your feet may get wet which will lead to them being cold. Making sure that your shoes or boots are waterproof would definitely be beneficial in preventing this from happening, but if this isn’t possible or your feet are still getting wet – there are a couple of options that you can explore to warm your feet up.

  • Bring a spare pair of socks that you can change into.
  • Let your feet air dry when you can.
  • If you need to keep your boots on, try keeping your feet in a plastic bag for a short while.

Tighten your laces

If you have not tied your laces tight enough for your shoes to avoid any slipping whilst you are walking, you’re likely to be prone to blisters. To avoid these, you need to ensure that your walking shoes or boots are suitably sized and tied properly. If you are struggling to tie them tight enough, it would be recommended that you try another technique or you may have to regularly untie and re-tie them.

Clipping your toenails

Everyone clips their toenails, but clipping them in an effective manner can occasionally be more difficult. Ingrown toenails are quite common and can be avoided as long as your toenails are maintained at a good length – not too long or too shorts – and shaped like a square.

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