There are several ways to lighten your backpack when going for camping. Most of the tips below suggest ways that won’t ask you to leave your favourite lotion or beer cans behind.

Choose a Lightweight Bag

This sounds obvious, but it is important to ensure that you do not carry the burden of a heavy backpack while climbing the hills. It is best to purchase a container that is made from lightweight material such as nylon and canvas. Ensure the bag has broader, padded shoulder straps so that the weight of the content within gets distributed. Unlike thin straps, thick and broad straps will not dig into your shoulders.

Multi-compartment Bag

Purchase a bag that has several compartments to distribute the weight of the items and reduce the overall burden. Choose a bag with a separate mesh holder to carry your water bottle.

Carry Small Quantities

It is better to carry toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner in small quantities rather than take the entire bottle. Keep a separate pouch to hold the self-care products. This will eliminate a lot of unnecessary weight from your backpack. You can replace paperback books with a Kindle and maps with screenshots or photos of the route in your phone. You can also swap the heavy-weight plastic and steel bottles with pop bottles or Platypus bottles.

Make a List of Unused Items From Your Last Camping

This is for those who have been camping before. They can make a list of things they took to camping last time, but did not use them. Avoid taking them again.

Minimise Your Clothing

Minimalist wardrobe goes without saying. There is no use carrying 5 different sets of clothing to the camp when they feel like a ton on your back. Just bring the essentials e.g. a warm jumper and waterproof jacket incase of any down pours.

Replace the Older Gear With New

If you are using sleeping and camping gear that is older than a year, go to the nearest store and replace it with the newer once. Chances are that the newer gear is way lighter than the older one.

Are You Camping With an Infant?

Camping with an infant means a lot of extra luggage. More food, more clothes, diapers, and milk bottles will flood your backpack, making it heavier than you would want it to be. So be savvy with what you are packing, and ensure that you don't overpack.

Study Your Route First-hand

If you know your route runs along a stream with reliable drinking water, you choose to carry less water than usual. However ensure you have the correct filter systems e.g. a water purification tablet.