Embrace the trips you take with your younger ones as they would soon grow up and you might not get to spend quality time like this again. Make memories with them and learn how to have fun on outdoor trips from them. It’s been years that I have seen my kids and my friend’s kids having fun in their own ways and honestly, I find that inspirational. I made some observations on these kids to cracking the code for a great and fun-filled adventure.

  1. Learn to Love Dirt and Sand

On our beach trips, I have often noticed kids giving no second thoughts about their hair, their swimsuits or their appearance, they just dive right in (pun intended). They have fun in and outside the water while we adults keep telling them and shouting at them to get themselves cleaned up and change into decent clothes. They wrestle in the sand, rub some sanitiser on their hands and get back out there. We might get worried about them but they are making memories and so should we along with the kids.

  1. Kids are Innovative

They say need is the mother of invention, I say kids these days have quick fixes for any bind that you find yourself in. Got a hole in your jacket, cover it up with duct tape; forgot to bring extra blankets for the kids, use your sleeping bag liners and double them down for kids, at least they would have a peaceful sleep. There are so many DIY videos the kids have access to these days, that you won’t have a single moment of boredom while you are out with them.

  1. Get Bruising and Cruising

Heading to the outdoors is all about taking risks. If you have kids or pets, you probably know and have experienced that the kids may get hurt and bruise themselves while trying to explore some place. But it is best not to worry about them because getting bruised and getting scarped on your elbows is just a part of growing up. Being in the outdoors helps the children become independent and understand the value of nature more than what you can teach them sitting indoors with their iPhones or iPads in their hands. Practical knowledge for anything is great in the long run and such is the case for the kids as well.  So, let your kids get out there and experience nature on their own, let them get hurt and learn from their mistakes. After all, these bruises would one day be presented as badges of honour.

  1. It’s All About Sticking Together

From a very young age, we teach the kids to stick together while exploring uncharted paths. It is just like when we are scared to do something and wish to have someone by our side to help us guide through that journey or make that journey with us. I have seen my kids walking hand-in-hand while going off to take a look around in the natural surroundings. I knew they were scared to go alone but how else would they learn and how else would we as parents be able to let go? Holding hands is an action that is comforting when shared between two people, it helps us overcome our fears and it feels nice to know that someone is right by your side.


Along with all these observations, there are some things that kids enjoy, like getting wet in the rain, experiencing making snow angels, stomping in the rainy puddles and having fun. So, tell us what you think about this observation in the comments below.