Either it is a nuisance or not. You will find many walkers swear by trekking poles while others simply find it trouble using it during hikes. Trekking poles have always been an item of argument in the walking community, but in recent times, things are changing and walking poles are becoming more of a companion for the trekkers and less of a fuss for the benefits it gives on the long strenuous hikes. Many hikers have also recommended walking poles if you are going for a long or hilly walk or maybe both. So, let’s get down to know various facts and benefits related to it.

Importance of Using Trekking Poles

Hiking is a stressful exercise and most of the stress falls on the legs, feet, and knees, and back. Studies have revealed that walking stick reduces this accumulated stress on the specific part of the body by spreading it evenly across the entire body. This is true when you are backpacking through the trail. At the same time, trekking poles also have a significant role to play in protecting the knees when you are moving downhill and improving your endurance and power while moving up the hilly slopes.

Getting the Pole Length Right

Most of the manufacturers of the walking pole give guidelines to choose the right length of the stick according to your height. Some walkers also believe that poles should be adjusted as per the terrain. Therefore, you must not forget to set the pole length longer when you are going downhill or short when you are going uphill. Some poles are also available with long handles so the walkers can adjust their hands accordingly as per the terrain. Ideally, the length of the pole should be set in a manner that allows your hand to grip the handle lightly while the arm is resting at the right angle to the ground. Your forearm must be kept parallel to the ground and elbow will bend.

Wrist Straps of the Walking Poles

One of the most useful additions to the poles is the wrist straps. Using the wrist straps allow you to loosen the grip and walk in a more relaxed style. Make the best use of the straps by placing your hand through it and making an O-shape with the thumb and forefinger. Slide down the manoeuvre around the handle for a better grip. Now just apply downward pressure to take yourself forward. This way the tension is applied between the strap and the wrist, making it easy to move.

Aspects to Look for When Buying a Walking Pole

Some of the most important aspects of choosing a walking pole are the comfort while holding the handle and also the durability. This is one such hiking accessory that is available in every price range so you can choose the one that will fit your budget.

Walking Poles Are Travel Friendly

 If you need to carry your walking pole on public transport, they can be easily folded. They can fit into a travel bag or outside a rucksack, making it even easier to travel with it. If you plan to walk in some foreign destinations, use the same method of keeping your walking stick. Apart from walking up and down the hill, walking sticks are also a great substitute for trap or tent shelter or to gauge the depth of the snow and streams. Some walking sticks also come with a camera attachment.