As you'll already have read (if you've been keeping a close eye on our blog) a baselayer is an essential item of outdoor clothing. A short or long-sleeved baselayer keeps you warm, without allowing you to become damp from sweat, while walking, cycling running or taking part in a wide range of outdoor activities. But now that the cooler weather is on its way (for Scots, read: "Has Arrived") you'll be looking for a baselayer that offers a slightly cosier level of warmth than a baselayer that works in the summer. 

The Trespass Ladies Rerun Long Sleeved Top does just this. It's made from a fabric that is lightweight and breathable but comes with an added asset of a fleecy-type inside. This isn't full-on fleece (because that would make the baselayer too warm) but it's like a warm, brushed, fleecy kind of inside to the top. This means the top is a highly effective activity garment, but also has added warmth.

The technical details of the Trespass baselayer state:

  • Fabris is 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex Terry
  • Half zip neck
  • Curved back hem.

Our test reviewer welcomed the baselayer during a recent mountain walking trip. Setting off to accompany her partner to walk his final Munro in his first round of all 283 Munros in Scotland (these are mountains with a peak of more than 3,000ft or 914m) the weather was wet and a bit chilly.

She said: “What was needed was a warm-ish baselayer with a waterproof jacket over the top. I also had a special t-shirt to wear. I didn’t show my partner the t-shirt until the morning of his last Munro! The t-shirt said: 'My boyfriend is bagging his last Munro'. Ok, so it's a bit cheesy but my partner, and all our walking friends, thought it was funny!

"However, I would not have wanted to wear the t-shirt against my skin though because it is made from cotton and I would have ended up being damp from sweat so the Trespass baselayer with the t-shirt over the top made the perfect combination.

“The top is really soft on the skin when you put it on and fits snugly but not overly tightly. I have long arms so I welcomed the good length of arms on this top and the half-zip allowed for zipping up or down around the neck according to the conditions. I spent most of the mountain walk with the zip up high because of the weather!

“As we climbed and climbed I became warmer and warmer but I wasn't so wamr that I wanted to shed a layer. The baselayer kept me dry by wicking the moisture form my sweat away from my skin. When the rian ame on I added a breathable - this is very important– waterproof jacket.

"I often see other people having to change their baselayer at the top of hills because the sweat has collected in the fabric of the top and made them wet, but this doesn't happen with a good baselayer.

“There are a few other features that are worth poinitng out. The top comes with a longer, curved back hem, which means it's great for tucking into walking trousers or for wearing on a bike.

"The Trespass Rerun top also has a lovely female cut and colour. How nice it is to have outdoors clothing that fits my shape and is also brightly coloured and not dull. I rather liked the combination of raspberry coloured baselayer and purple t-shirt! 

"After several years of walking Munros my boyfriend is delighted to have walked his final one. He's now promised to accompany me as I tick off my first Munro round. So far I've walked more than 80... so there's just another 200 to go!

"As you'll now realise good outdor clothing, especially baselayers and waterprroof jackets, are essential to our favourite hobby."