We like our kit reviewers to properly test their products and we're impressed with the length that Terrybnd has gone to, wearing a pair of Merrell Intercept Gore-tex walking shoes for more than 300 miles of hill walking. Still, after all this walking he describes the shoes as "looking as though (when clean) they're straight out the box".

What is also welcome news is that Terrybnd had not expected the Merrell Intercept walking shoes to be so tough - or fashionable!

Terry notes: "The shoes look pretty cool for a walking shoe - if fashionable outdoors footwear is your thing - and only weigh 925g for a pair of size 10.5."

Other first impressions were not good, however. The shoes have large holes cut into the leather that wraps around your foot, which as Terry states:  "Are great for keeping your feet cool but when marching along rough heather moors or coarse grass bogs and fellsides, I was convinced that something would slip through and pierce the Gore-tex inner liner and consequently form a leak."

Under testing conditions none of Terry's worries materialised. And he really likes the venting for keeping his feet cool.

Comfort is a vital factor of walking shoes

Again Terry is impressed. He reports that "torsion stability is fair", adding: "They ain't 'stiff as old boots' but... the relative lack of torsion stability makes the shoe ideal for walking on trails and even tarmac country lanes. They almost flex and bend at the level you only see in regular trainers but not too much so that you may loose your footing or balance on rocky terrain."

Fit, lacing, cushioning , sole and grip also get a thumbs up from Terry. (See, we told you he liked to be thorough with his testing!)

In conclusion, our adventurous kit reviewer says: "The Merrell Intercept Gore Tex® shoes make for superb all round multi-activity footwear. I really like them and am pleased they've proven to be long lasting as I'll go back to using them when the winter season has passed (they'll be too cold to use in deep snow and such like)."

For the full kit review see Terry's own well-followed blog 

When is a walking shoe a good idea?

Walking shoes are idea for country walking at any time of the year, but especially during the warmer summer months. They do not offer ankle support so if you're planning to walk on a lot of rocky and difficult terrain then it's worth considering a boot instead. But for lower level walking on trails and on tarmac a walking shoe makes a good choice, because they tend to be lighter and more agile than a boot.