You may have equipped yourself with best boots and jacket, but if you have forgotten to protect your hands, you will very quickly notice you have a major chink in your armour against the cold. So here are a couple of things to look out for which will mean you get the best glove, or mitten , to suit you and your outdoor activity.

It goes without saying that gloves and mittens are designed over everything else to keep your hands warm, but while mittens naturally offer more warmth because your fingers are together in one section, the insulation used is a major contributing factor. If you're looking for a lightweight glove with outstanding resistance to extreme cold, take a look at goose down gloves. But if you suspect moisture could be a part of your outdoor experience, gloves or mittens with PrimaLoft insulation may be better suited for you. You'll also find several forms of fleece gloves, which, being made of polyester, dry quickly and can come in a variety of different levels of wind- and waterproofness. Generally, any synthetic gloves including fleece and Primaloft, will keep your hands warmer in wet conditions than down.

Dexterity is also important as if you choose a heavily insulated glove, you may have great protection from the elements, but it could restrict movement—a bad situation if you are working outside. If it's dexterity you need, first focus on the stretch of the fabric, then decide how well it will suit you in the cold. Mittens, obviously trade off warmth for dexterity, but you may want to consider a thin pair of gloves inside mittens as a possibility.

A smaller glove or mitten may end at the wrist, which can be handy when you're actively working with your hands in the cold. But if you're using your gloves for snow sports, like skiing, you may want to check out gloves with coverage that goes well beyond the wrist to keep out snow and cold.

Gloves that offer unique benefits, such as the ability to work touchscreen devices; liner gloves that can be worn under heavier gloves or mittens for added warmth; and fingerless gloves, which provide the most possible dexterity may be something to consider as affecting your final choice.

Choosing the right pair of gloves or mittens can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your hands toasty and dry all winter, so why not look at the latest selection we have on the website, or call in at our Macclesfield store where our knowledgeable staff can give you some advice.