Feeling too lazy in winters to go out on the run? Giving up is not an option and running in those cold, dark, and dewy mornings might seem like an ideological plan. Should you just accept that your winters are going to be unfit and you just have to hide the newly gained pounds with a baggy hoodie? Maybe, it doesn't need to end this bad if you can find some motivation to work your way out through this weather.

Of course, there isn't much you can do about the cold or the dark. So, the best is to find a way to get yourself up from the bed and jump into action without giving yourself any excuses.


Keep Challenging Yourself

Running or jogging will only be about how you hold yourself accountable. This is why when you make exercises, you are the one who justifies it. Involving a third person helps in making matters easy. If not that, you can add extra accountability as well as motivation to your actions by preparing new challenges.

So, what are the challenges that can help you? How about a 10k run? Or, maybe a marathon? When you do so, make sure that you are letting others know what you have signed up for. If your peers and family know about this, you will not skip your practice and training since they will be there to support your interests.

Make Shorter if not Longer Runs

It's okay if you can't get right back into your running schedule. You don't always have to make a 10k run every morning, especially if it's this cold and dark. So, don't be in a hurry to make the runs longer. Instead, you can try a 20-minute jog that would be easier to cover. Running shorter distances is still better than not running at all. Make a mental note of a shorter run in the previous night. This helps in staying motivated for the morning. You can complete short runs within half an hour and then, you can just come back home for a warm shower.

Prepare in the Evening

Never keep tiny errands for the morning. Have everything at your reach: from the shorts, socks, and the T-shirts to the phone and headphones being charged. This leaves very little time for you to make excuses in the morning. You can just wear these clothes and be ready in minutes. It's much harder when you have to prepare these in cold mornings since they make it even more tiresome to walk out in the cold. Besides, who doesn't like skipping the chores? Plus, once you are ready, you can't get in the bed being all dressed. Try it as it's quite effective.

When your alarm turns off and all you wish to do is climb back to your bed, picture yourself out of shape, running out of breath, not even able to reach the finishing line. The embarrassment is enough to get you out of the bed.


The silver lining is that spring will be here soon and winters don't last forever. You can do it! You can get through the winters without quitting running and without going out of shape. Winters are, without a doubt, the most difficult time to get going and stay fit but once you get past it, you can be sure that it will boost your motivation and confidence high.