Turn Back the Clock

If you are a former amateur athlete who feels proud of his races ran in the past, but no longer are you able to conjure up the desire to go back to your favorite activity, trail runs provide an excellent opportunity for you to go out on the track again albeit with a twist, literally. The mazy trail runs are an excellent indulgence for the ones who like to test their lung capacity, whenever they get a chance.

Fascinating Trail Runs with Challengesrunning-hydration-bag

Going on a trail run provides the perfect opportunity for you to be one with the nature. An excursion into the wild is great for opening up your mind and soul to the fascinating world created by God. But a trail run comes with quite a number of challenges, and to counter them you need to be meticulous in your preparation.

Don’t Go Thirsty On Your Run

Almost 71% of the planet earth is made up of water and there is a reason for that. Water plays a vital role in the survival of human beings and it needs to be repeatedly replenished if you are doing any arduous activity like running. While on a run, it can be catastrophic if you get dehydrated as it can lead to cramps and many other complications. Hence, be a smart runner and before venturing in to the wild for your trail run, stock yourself up with necessary amount of H2O, in order to keep going and beat the competition.

Trail Run and Water Loss

A trail run comprises of different challenges like sudden change in direction, running on elevated and muddy terrain, which exerts your body a lot more than while running on a flat road. During a Trail run you will sweat profusely, which will result in dehydration. To counter dehydration, you need to hydrate yourself regularly. An easily accessible and ample water supply is a must for keeping up the pace while you are straining yourself on the run.

How to Keep Hydrated with Water

To keep yourself hydrated, you need to stock up with a decent supply of water, even if it means you have to carry a few extra pounds. To lessen the weight on your shoulder, you can drink water prior to the race which will help you in curtailing down the amount of H2O you have to carry. Before starting the Trail run, make sure that you have your water bottle placed at a place in your bag which is easily accessible. Make it a habit that you sip repeatedly after short intervals of time while running instead of gulping a large amount in one go. This will keep you going for longer while maintaining a strong pace.

Boost Your Stamina with Electrolytes

Apart from H2O, you can also consider electrolyte rich supplement with food or gels that give you 30g–60g of carbohydrates per hour. This will additionally enhance your stamina and not only make you run with full gusto but it will also add a few extra miles to the distance you can run.

A well planned Trail run is the perfect solution to counter boredom and enjoy nature in its full glory. Plan your run today and feel that lost pride again.