My old shoes had started looking and feeling like they had seen better days and just weren't comfortable or particularly waterproof for walking with the dog or riding my bike.
Use1As luck would have it, I was given the chance to try out and review these Karrimor Men's Spike Low Breathable Walking Shoes. In the following post I will discuss these shoes and my experience with them so far and why my old shoes are now in the bin.

Although I try not to be, I can be quite a sceptical person, so even at a pair of shoes that are under 40 quid, I still am very cautious and want to know they will do the job they were created for.  I am happy to report that so far so good with this pair of shoes.  As they are supposed to be good for outdoor activities, I have not gone particularly easy on them out with my dog and on my bike in various conditions.

Walking The Dog


The newest member of my household is my puppy Luna and as she is only a pup, she is very boisterous, but is getting used to being taken out for walks.  These shoes have held up well even when I have taken them along the sandstone trail and along the canal and as well as everyone stopping to tell me how much they love the colours, I have had to stop Luna from going for the yellow laces, as she seems to have a fixation on them!

Overall they are much comfier and even when the terrain I am walking on is uneven, like that of the sandstone trail, they still felt as comfortable as they did when walking on flat surfaces.

Biking The Trans-Pennine Trail

I would point out that the Karrimor Men's Spike Low Breathable Walking Shoes are obviously designed to be a more running/walking style of shoe, but I have taken them out when I have gone biking and they again, proved to be sturdy and comfortable.  On a particular occasion I wore the shoes during a bike ride along the Trans-Pennine Trail and to say it was raining bad would be an understatement.  The rain was so bad, the puddles were so deep that our feet were under the puddles and our trainers soaked through as we rode.

As bad as that all sounds, the shoes again proved to be winners as they dried out very quickly considering how wet they had got and are still in as good structural condition as they were when I first got them.  Many of my friends have commented on how nice they are and whenever they ask if I would recommend them to others, I tell them that I would.  For cycling and running/walking these are a good affordable shoe that will not let you down.