As we approach the extra long holiday weekend; the question arises how many of us will actually be working over the bank holidays? Aside from lighting a barbeque and raising a glass of beer to her majesty’s health I must admit I won’t be working. There will be, of course, thousands and thousands of people who are working over the jubilee, from retail staff, to catering workers and bar staff to the emergency services. We are lucky that these people are working and we should take a moment perhaps to thank them for the work that enables us to celebrate the Jubilee in style.  Without these people the vast majority of us would not be able to enjoy the holiday in quite the same way.


It is true that with the exception of the emergency services nearly all of these people work in a customer facing service environment. A customer facing service environment is something that we are very familiar with here at Brookes and because of  this guess what? I’m now going to talk about workwear. I have to, this is a blog about workwear after all!


OK so most of these workers will be in some form of uniform, probably a work shirt, polo shirt or even a smart hospitality shirt of some description. That’s where Brookes comes in. In the summer some of our most popular items are working shirts, logoed or otherwise. The thing about shirts especially, is that even with them logoed we can provide them at remarkably low prices, exceptionally low prices some people would say! Take a look at our shirts and T-shirts you’ll be surprised at how little you need to pay.


So have a very enjoyable couple of days but raise a glass to those working over the Jubilee.


Your very good health from all at Brookes!