Taking kids outdoors on a regular basis is seriously a hard task. Sometimes it takes hours simply to leave your home and even after this, their tantrums are all set to make you regret your decision to travel with your kids. So why do we do this?

Ignore Social Media Posts

I would advise you to ignore those lovely pictures of Instagrammers and family bloggers on any social media platforms with their little ones during an outdoor trip as such posts makes it look like taking kids outdoors is the easiest job in the world. Everyone is struggling, and it is just that some of us are simply good at hiding things.

I know it well that it’s hard or I’d say it’s impossible to convince your little kids to enjoy something they’re not interested in or don’t want to do. It does not matter how excited you are for them to enjoy that particular activity, they may just hate it. Surely, you can make them do it at the end, but if they aren’t ready for it from the beginning, then it’s going to be a really hard situation.

Why It’s Difficult for Me to Take My Son Outside?

I spend a lot of time with my family outdoors and really enjoy cycling, camping, hiking, canoeing, den building, etc. But not all the times the situation is same. Sometimes convincing John to get outside and play is actually hard to impossible. Though once he gets out, he is so much indulged in outdoor activities that I’ve to forcefully take him indoors. The major challenge is initially trying to convince him to stop playing with the toys or watching Paw Patrol to come along with me when I’m going for a walk.

But then his tantrums begin for not going out and I realised that it is absolutely normal for a child of his age. I’d talked to many parents who made me realise that I am not the only one. I think I’m really fortunate that John loves being outdoors and maybe it turns out to be his passion.

Advice for Parents

Sometimes it’s easier to simply stay indoors instead of handling another tantrum of our kid, and sometimes it is an absolutely correct decision to do that. As parents, we should continually make efforts to show them different options beyond the main door and leave them free to choose what they love!