Cycling is a very popular activity, but at this time of the year, it’s not always possible. A great alternative is indoor cycling, which can arguably help you to improve just as much – if not more!

Anyone can do it

MBT-Cycling2Unlike other activities, it is possible for anyone to get involved. You don’t need to be at a particular level of fitness to start as there are various levels which are suitable for people of all abilities. You don’t have to cycle at a particular speed – everything is up to you. You can adjust the resistance as you please, the higher it is, the harder it is to push, so the slower you’ll cycle! Tailor which one benefits you most and keep track of your progress, hopefully you’ll slowly be able to go faster and faster, at which point you can increase the resistance. Keep at it and you’ll soon improve.

Improve multiple muscles

Continuously undertaking this workout is a fantastic way of improving the strength and conditioning of your legs. Unlike many exercises, this does not just aid a particular muscle, but actually benefits multiple. Each push of the pedal downwards is working your quadriceps as well as your calves and hamstrings – which you can also feel while pushing the pedal up. As with anything, pushing your body too far can result in strains. Make sure to thoroughly stretch both before and after your session, leaving time for a low intensity warm up and cool down too.

Cycle classes

Although you can, of course, cycle solo – you may also be able to find some cycling classes, allowing you to workout with others. Motivating yourself to train solo can sometimes be tough, one which having a set routine and time can certainly help. There will be people present of all ages, genders and abilities, who are all focused on improving themselves – there will likely also also be an instructor at the session who will set targets, give instructions and who will be available for you to ask for any advice.



One of the best things about participating in a cycling class is the motivation that you’ll get from it. Whether it’s an instructor challenging you to hit a certain speed for a certain amount of time – or maybe you’re competing with the person to next to you – or maybe you’ve seen someone better than you and you want to push yourself to get to that level.

It’s not the easiest workout in the world, it’s roughly around 45 minutes where you cycle as much as you can. You’ll sweat (a lot), but so will everyone else – it shows that you’re pushing your body hard. Hard work equals results.

Focus on yourself

Cycling indoors is a completely different experience to cycling outdoors. Whereas there are plenty of external factors for you to be constantly aware of when you’re cycling outside, cycling inside allows you to focus solely on yourself – and pushing yourself to do the best you can. You don’t even need to look, you can remain within yourself, thinking over each and every push. Listen to some motivational music too!

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