Meditation is an activity that calms your mind, reducing the stress. Apart from stress reduction, it has other health benefits as well that include treating insomnia, enhancing alertness of your mind, keeping your body active and more.

Meditation is helpful for everyone. If you are a runner, no matter a beginner or an experienced individual, yoga will be sure to improve your running. Meditation on a daily basis improves your mental and physical ability protecting you from injuries while running.

Myths About Meditation

There are several myths related to meditation. Let us go through these common myths:

“My Mind is not getting relaxed and calm, so I am not doing it a right manner”

While meditating, it is an ordinary thing that you still experience the thoughts and emotions. So, if you have the misconception that your mind must stop thinking, it is impossible. This is an ongoing and natural process that cannot be stopped. The purpose of meditation is that you have to only see those thoughts without judging them or criticizing yourself. You have to try to move beyond those thoughts.

People consider running as meditation

People consider the activity of running as meditation. But actually it is not meditation. The running can only be treated as meditation if you are not thinking about your past and future. Doing meditation in the seated position is important as it makes you a better runner.

Meditation help relieve pain

The studies have shown that meditation plays an important role in reducing chronic pain. But meditation is not about reducing pain rather it increases your ability to tolerate pain. When you experience pain and try to accept it, the pain goes off naturally. It increases the tolerance power.

Right Manner to Do Meditation

Here is the process to start meditating in a right manner:

Sitting Position

It is not compulsory to sit in a cross-legged position. You can sit in any comfortable position. If you are not comfortably seated, your mind will also feel uncomfortable. Therefore, for a successful meditation session, sit in your comfort zone.

For some people sitting can be a difficult task, but that should not create any problem. You must always try to incorporate new habits in your life. Slowly, you’ll become used to it.

Breathe effortlessly

Many people think that they have to breathe deeply. But breathing by putting efforts can disturb your meditation. Try to breathe effortlessly as this way you’ll be able to breathe deeply naturally. This helps calm your body and mind.

Keep Your Eyes Closed

If you are a beginner, it may be difficult to keep your eyes closed at the initial stage. Closing your eyes is an important part of a meditation session.

Observe Your Thoughts, Don’t Judge them

While meditating, don’t expect your mind to become thoughtless. It creates thoughts based on your daily life incidence and allows you to observe them, making you able to take better decisions. You just have to observe the thoughts that your mind is creating and not to judge them. The solution of every problem will come out of its own.

Thus, meditation makes you a smart and strong runner while giving you other benefits. Therefore, start meditation from today onwards.