See below a few suggestions if you are looking to camp at location boasting the best sunrises and sunsets:

  • Wheems Organic Farm, Orkney Isles: This sea facing location has the advantage of minimal light pollution allowing you on a clear day to see the sky's beautiful transition from twinkling starry night to a sparkling and glowing morning. Set on top of a hill on South Ronaldsay Island this campsite houses approximately 20 tents, camper vans and campfires are not banned, but restrictions and rules may apply.


  • Shortlands Farm, Pembrokeshire:  For a stunning view, why not visit Shortland farm. This rural location is near the sea and has a handy cliff-top field which has a stunning view of the changing sky. An ideal canvas for viewing a sunrise and sunset by the Irish Sea.






  • Cleadale Campsite, Isle of Eigg: This is situated at the bottom of vast and curving cliff. It is not uncommon to spot eagles in this setting and provides an amazing view for sunrise and sunset. The northern tip of Scotland’s Isle of Egg is not an easy place to reach but if you take a ferry you can see a wide variety of sea life. This campsite has a wildness at its heart.


  • Coastal Valley Camp & Crafts, Cornwall: This is a perfect choice for campers who want to be as far from the hustle and bustle of civilisation as possible. Head to the waterfront to witness the beautiful views of sunsets or sunrises from either the beach or from a bar. Facilities here are new, fresh and well maintained. There is the communal camper’s kitchen and crafts tent which conducts regular activities, including wet felting, willow weaving, and painting slate.


  • Smugglers Cove Boatyard, Gwynedd: This place offers wild camping tentpitches which are held amongst the trees on the waterfront. This campsite is on the estuary's northern bank, with many points to pitch your tent to witness the finest of sunset and sunrise views.


These are just a handful of some of the most ideal places to witness nature at its best, it is impossible to list them all. Please use this as a guide to help you track down more and get exploring!