What are your New Year’s resolutions? Many people will be hoping to become fitter and healthier in 2012. Some will sign up to the gym, others will go on a diet, while the wise person will take up an accessible and reasonably priced sports, such as walking or running.

Walking and running make perfect sense if you have a busy life because these keep-fit activities are easy to slot into work and family timetables. They get you outdoors, too, which is perfect for boosting feelings on mental well-being. And best of all, once you have the basic outdoor clothing, both running and walking are free.

Now Outdoor Look wants to help you to start your New Year’s resolutions with the chance to buy walking and running clothing that is even cheaper than normal. (This also applies to cycling travel, equestrian and skiing products). For the entire month of January, there is a host of sale priced clothing on the Outdoor Look website at brilliant prices of up to 70% off.

Added to the fantastic deal on many walking, running, cycling equestrian skiing and travel brands and products, all items bought at Outdoor Look will have free delivery until January 31.

Some of our favourite sale items (remember they all have free delivery) are:

Look like Bear: You’ve seen the trousers on Bear Grylls’s recent Wild weekend programmes. If you like walking or outdoors pursuits you’ve probably admired the Survivor Trousers. Now you can buy the full-stretch Craghopper trousers for just under £40. These normally cost £77 so that’s a £37.02 saving. The trousers will be perfect if you’re planning to get fit by walking in 2012.

Layer up: If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know how important a baselayer is. If you plan to walk or run this winter, then a baselayer or two will come in very handy. The Outdoor Look sale features a host of baselayers including the Trespass Ladies Long Sleeved baselayer priced at £11.79 and the Trespass Thriller Micro Fleece Base Layer set priced at £19.99 (instead of the pre-sale price tag of £25.67).

Run for your (less) money: There is a wide range of sale priced running products in the Outdoor Look January sale. And free delivery on everything.

Now you're ready, stready .. to go and start buying all the clothing you'll need for a 2012 of walking and running?