With so many camping stoves on the market, it is a difficult task to pick one that best serves your purpose while on a camping tour. Specifics like fuel capacity, size, efficiency, and above all…weight decides what’ll be cooked and for how many people. And also, the cost cannot be ignored too. Since new and costly models with lightweight and compact form-factor are becoming readily available, you don’t wish to spend your money on equipment that needs replacing every now and then? Instead of choosing from a costly selection of camping stoves why not create your own? A stove that features the same efficiency as the latest stoves.

Superb DIY Soda Can Stove

There are a plethora of alcohol burners and many DIY methods to create them. But the simplest, cost-efficient, and easy-to-create burner is the soda can stove. Lightweight, efficient, and versatile, the can stove is designed for boiling water efficiently, enabling you to boil in the bag meals and cook dishes, such as rice, porridge, pasta, beans, and more. It is lightweight too, making your travelling or trekking easier. But this stove lacks the ability to simmer your food. So unless you want gourmet dishes while camping, this stove is your go-to companion.

Cost-efficient Alcohol Spirit Fuel

To cook, boil, or heat food, the soda can stove uses alcohol as its prime fuel source. This cheap fuel is available in most pharmacies in the form of rubbing alcohol, medical alcohol, or surgical spirit. In comparison to bulky gas canisters, this fuel is a light option to travel with. But that completely depends on your fuel use and how much cooking you are looking forward to. Just carry as much as you want and cook as per your requirement. Once you’ll get an idea of how much fuel your meals require, you’ll be efficient in preparing meals with less fuel and carry only the required amount.

What You’ll Need

You’ll need these items to make your own soda can stove:

An empty soda/beer can

A pair of scissors

A pocket knife

A pot with a lid

Procedure to Make the Stove

Making a soda can stove is fairly simple

  1. Cut the top of the can with a pocket knife. Be sure to cut inside the rim and along the ridge where the metal is tougher and does not bend or shrink. It becomes much easier to cut the less thick ridge below.
  2. Now split the can in half and provide a nice finish to it with scissors.
  3. Again, use the scissors to trim down the size to the required height. However, the most optimum height is 11/2 inches. Most dishes can be easily cooked with this size. If the stove is too tall, it will become unstable when you place a cooking pot on it.
  4. Use the scissors to cut the top of the can the same way as you did with the bottom.
  5. Now, you have to place two fingers inside the cut-out and put pressure between the finger gap with a scissor, creating a dent. The dent should be bigger at the bottom and sharper at the top.
  6. Repeat the above process until the can features the dents on its rim. This creates small combustion chambers for the fuel.
  7. And now make a tiny hole on the top by placing the knife on the lid.
  8. Finally slide the top can into the bottom can to complete the stove.

Using Alcohol Fuel

Pour a small amount of fuel and carefully light it with a match or lighter.

To extinguish the flame you will need to smother it with a container by eliminating its oxygen supply.

You can use the container for stove storage.