Finally, oh-so-finally, summer has brought some sunshine. With weather forecasters promising at least a few days of sun, many Brits will be keen to peel off a few layers and let the rays warm their skin. There are some obvious health warnings, such as making sure you’re wearing adequate sunscreen, popping on a pair of sunglasses and remembering to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

It’s also worth thinking about what you’re wearing. Perhaps you’re planning a family walk, or a trip to the beach or a cycle ride. Being active in the sun means you’re likely to sweat so to minimise that horrible damp and clammy feeling it’s best to avoid cotton t-shirts.

Instead…choose outdoor clothing and t-shirts made from modern fabrics that are breathable. This doesn’t mean the t-shirt has a life of its own! It simply means that any sweat produced on your skin will be able to evaporate effectively through the fabric. The reason why cotton doesn’t do such a good job of wicking away sweat is because the fibres tend to hold onto the perspiration, rather than allowing them to be evaporated through and out into the open air.

Some fabrics also have the advantage of offering sun block features. Look out for fabrics that state that have an SPF of 15 or above.

And there are modern fabrics, such as Merino wool, that will also pass the “sniff test”! While wick-away fabrics do dispel most of the sweat molecules, some will be caught in the material (especially around your arm pits) and when these dry they tend to get a bit whiffy. We’re sure you all know what we’re talking about here.

However, merino wool not only offers breathability, but it also reduces the chances of body odour. It’s magic like that!

Summer t-shirts we like:

For women:

Regatta Ladies Alyssah t-shirt offers great wicking performance and it's quick drying. It also looks lovely in green or pink and priced at just £10.

Under Armour Women's Draft Catalyst t-shirt is a lightweight outdoor t-shirt ideal fro running, walking or cycling. The fabric wicks moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and dry, even in extreme heat. Priced £22.40

For men:

Dare 2b Pacemaker t-shirt. Great colour and design and good wicking properties. Even better still, it's priced at less than a tenner.

Craft Active t-shirt. Lightweight. Tick. Moisture-wicking. Tick. Comfortable soft touch feel. Tick. Great fitting. Tick. And all this for just £16.46.

Stay cool this summer!