Snowboarding has been my favourite activity for years now. Since I’m a winter person, I crave to rush to the T-bar at Breckenridge on some pretext or another, especially during summers. It sounds wonderful to test your limits, pushing up towards soaring heights despite the chills and thrills as each aching part of your body motivates you to conquer the pinnacles of glory at Peak 8. Here are some of the crucial lessons I’ve learned from my snowboarding experience that helped me grow each time.

1. What happens if you fall?

We all trip, fumble, tumble and fall terribly, but that doesn’t stop us from walking with pride intact. If any of your strategies to ride fails, then fret not! I agree that no one likes to fall. It really isn’t about how terribly you fall, it’s about the way you pick yourself up with dignity and get running despite the fall.  Get up and get going to make sure nobody else stumbles and the crowd gets piled up on top of each other. Don’t be disheartened to only make it midway, because half the miles are already crossed and the rest is won by journeying through the beautiful landscape.

2. Practice makes Perfect

They say practice makes perfect. An author wins the Pulitzer Prize by making many drafts before finalizing one perfect write-up. Similarly, the more you practice, the more you learn.

3. Sights on the Goal

Draped, strapped and geared to head towards the T-Bar? There is a plethora of diverse procedures for holding the bar, but I usually place my foot on the stomp pad and get the bar's base under my hip. I've watched certain other individuals have it so that they put the bar between their legs so it's pushing against your front leg, but I don't like the look of that one bit. Getting the bar arranged sufficiently low is essential. This rapidly takes me back to pairing choices. There is a fair chance that if you can pick somebody near your own stature, it will help with the bar position!

4. Choose Your Buddy

The T-Bar resembles a stampede in New York during weekends. A failure to buddy up can swiftly bring upon you the furious vengeance of the bustling crowd. Think of that one suitable partner to go with. I would say, opt to go with a skier instead of another snowboarder if conceivable. On the off chance that you are running with another guest, don't combine up with another same-footed individual. On the off chance that you have two silly (or normal)- footed individuals on a similar bar, somebody should stretch around their back to hang on. Implementing this method will help in making progress as you soar up towards the peaks.

5. Soaring High

Hold your expectations high and get going. The trickiest part of walking up the slope is to maintain the balance of your feet and overall weight as the slopes are indeed a roller-coaster ride. I get too exhausted as I grapple to keep my board upright and straight. This aspect of the journey isn’t too much fun. This is the time we gnash our teeth and imagine the sterling-silver ice on the top.