Once you’ve got yourself a pair of nicely fitting ski boots, you’re very nearly good to go. But, it’s very important that you can put your boots on properly, to avoid any discomfort whilst you’re enjoying the slopes.

Before you even put your feet into your boots, make sure that you’ve fully extended your ski socks so that there are no creases or ridges at all, then open up your boot and unlock all of the clips. Many people struggle to get their feet into their boots, but a simple way to do it is to take the tongue and pull it forwards and open up the cuff of the boot with your other hand, which opens up a nice big space to fit your foot into. Once you have inserted your foot into the boot, tap your heel against the ground to ensure that your heel and ankle are sitting right at the back.

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, open up the clips and make sure that the tongue is in the middle and in between the two plastic cuffs. If it’s not, you can re-adjust it – give it a pull so that it sits nice and centrally. After the foot is securely in the boot, you need to fasten it up.


Start off with the ankle, just get the clips on and do the Velcro strap. Gradually tighten it until it is as tight as possible without your foot being uncomfortable. When you’re tightening your boot, try standing up and flexing your leg forward a few times as that will be how your body is positioned whilst you’re skiing. With many clips, if they’re in between two grooves, you can adjust them to make them longer or shorter, to make sure that it is positioned wherever suits you best.

It’s very important that the boot is tight to prevent your foot from sliding around on the inside. As long as you take the time to adjust it correctly, you’ll avoid it being too tight or too loose – which will likely lead to blisters! If it’s not quite right when you’re on the slopes, it would be beneficial to fix them as soon as possible, without waiting for a break.

Trousers should go over the top of your boot, not be tucked inside. Also, make sure that whenever you’re using your boots that they’re always secured properly, even for a small walk to a nearby lift!