Running is good for improving your mental and physical health. It relieves your stress and cabin fever. During this pandemic, you can choose to run in your neighbourhood while following the local health department rules and guidelines for social distancing. You can adjust your timings and routes as per your safety requirements.

Always carry a mask along with you just in case if you happen to cross or stop by a public place. Always keep 6 feet away from others to prevent the spread of the virus. Until you are not around with other people, it is not too risky to go for run in big cities.

Here are some of the tips for hassle-free urban running:

  1. Plan Your Way

Always plan your path well in advance before you go for running. Avoid busy streets and areas of public gathering. Keep the alternatives handy in case you have to take a different route while you are out. You can take help of mobile apps that would allow you to plan your route.

  1. Always Carry the Essentials

Never forget your essentials at home. Keep them handy when you are out. Always take your identity card and medical prescription (in any) with you as it may be required in case of emergency. Carry enough water and other source of nutrition to keep you hydrated. Also take some cash or credit card with you so that you don’t have to worry in case you need to shop for something.

  1. Think about Your Safety

Always keep it in mind that the drivers and others can’t see you, so make sure you cross the road with proper attention. Carry flash lights, headlamp or reflective gear, if you are running in low light. Always inform someone at home about your plan if you’re going for a long run.


  1. Switch between Your Running Terrains

Always keep switching between the surfaces you are running on. This will help you become a versatile runner. Running on concrete roads will help strengthen your shock absorption capabilities, whereas running on trails or grass will develop your stability and agility.

  1. Change Your Routine

Do not stick to a single route for everyday running. This will make you comfortable and might not be helpful in developing your strength. So always keep changing your routes, locations and even the workout methods to meet your desired goals. If you are planning to participate in a future race, you can always switch to running on hills or speed training methods as per your goal.

  1. Choose To Go Green

Urban running doesn’t mean running around the tall building and on endless roads. You can always choose to run in open spaces like pocket parks or urban parks. This way you will be able to get enough fresh air and healthy environment to run. Greenery has its own touch of freshness that may help you run tirelessly for some more time.

  1. Always Take a Break

Every little effort you do to improve your strength counts. Stopping for a short break of 20 seconds will never harm your quality of workout. So always give yourself a break when you feel tired and exhausted. A quick break would help you regain your strength to pick up the pace again.